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starter plan


/ Month

Gain access to 500 high-quality website visitors

Total Visitors: 500 Unique Visitors ,

Cost per visitor = $50 / 500 visitors = $0.10 per visitor

Basic Plan


/ Month

Gain access to 1500 high-quality website visitors

Total Visitors: 1,500 Unique Real United Estates Visitors

Total cost = $0.10 * 1500 visitors = $150

Pro Plan


/ Month

Gain access to 2500 high-quality website visitors

Total Visitors: 2500 Unique Real United Estates Visitors 

Total cost = $0.10 * 2500 visitors = $250

Google Management


/ Month

Gain access to 10,000 high-quality backlinks

Total Visitors: 10,000 Unique Real United Estates Visitors 

Total cost = $500

How It Works:

Visitor Count: Decide the volume of traffic you desire.

  1. Demographic Selection: Tailor your traffic to the audience that resonates with your content.
  2. Geographic Targeting: Choose the origin of your visitors. We cover most countries, with detailed targeting for US states.
  3. Campaign Duration: Determine the spread of your traffic. For instance, 2,500 visitors over 30 days averages to about 178 visitors daily.
  4. Website URL: Provide the link to the webpage you wish to promote. (Note: Some free domains might be restricted).

Advanced Features

  • Unlock the best of our network with the premium option.
  • Target both mobile devices and gain traffic from social giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and News

Ad Presentation

  • Standard Mode: Most visitors will experience your site in a full-page pop-under format, optimized for all devices. We suggest using a URL with a compelling call to action.
  • Social Engagement: Showcase your site to thousands on platforms wdc news 6, wdc tv news, cnn radio news,  msnbc tv news, and real hacker news, and soft fm radio at an unbeatable price.

Getting Started:

  1. Order Placement: Select your desired visitor count, demographic, and location. Finalize by entering your website address.
  2. Payment Process: Seamless transactions via credit/debit cards, PayPal.
  3. Account Setup: Post-payment, you’ll receive details we need to start your traffic.

Why Choose MarketingProNews?:

  • Advertise on our expansive network and witness a surge in your website’s visitor count.
  • Promote diverse content – be it your homepage, blog, e-commerce platform, affiliate links, or forums.
  • We accommodate most sites, provided they align with our advertising standards.


  • What defines a web visitor?: Any individual accessing your site, regardless of the device.
  • Why invest in web traffic?: Every site benefits from increased traffic, be it organic or via ad networks. We simplify the process of reaching thousands instantly.